Bob Dylan and George Harrison’s sons played Nintendo while their dads hit the studio

Bob Dylan and George Harrison first met in 1964 while both were at the height of their popularity. The Beatles had played a concert at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens, New York, one night in late August. After the show, The Beatles set off to the other side of town, where they met their hero, Bob Dylan . At the time, Dylan was still gliding on cloud nine following the release of his seminal album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan the year before and The Times They Are a-Changin earlier in 1964. Dylan’s launch to stardom as a prominent protest singer had already captured the souls of a generation earning him a messiah-like status. Allegedly, this first meeting of legends was made all the more historic as Bob Dylan introduced The Beatles to the wonders of cannabis. Dylan got the Fab Four so stoned that Paul McCartney thought that he had figured out the meaning of life. Meanwhile, Ringo Starr was seemingly unaware of the conventional joint sharing policy and held onto the joint instead of passing it along. Dylan’s road manager Victor Maymudes, realising that he was dealing with amateurs, rolled a joint for each band member. Starr […]

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