The funny side of Bob Dylan: Five comical tales from the life of the folk legend
(Credit: Alamy)

Bob Dylan was already a joker when he entered the fray, fooling journalists into thinking that he was a runaway child of the circus, and he continued to learn thereafter not to take life too seriously. As he croaked when the 1960s got a little too humourless for him and he set about reclaiming his freedom, “Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger now.” Albeit he is a pretty private individual, anyone who has heard his witty and whimsical Theme Time Radio show can attest, he is and always has been one hell of a character. Mildly absurdist and drier than Oscar the Grouch’s bathmat, you shouldn’t let his spiritually sagacious and serious side fool you into thinking that there’s not a sly smile underneath. After all, when Joan Osbourne supported him at the Irving Plaza she finished her set and went to the back of the 2,000 strong crowd to enjoy a drink at the back bar and appreciate Dylan’s set from afar. Only for Dylan to call out mid-set, “I’d like to thank Joan Osbourne. Joan and I are going to sing a song.” When the shocked singer began wading through the crowd towards […]

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